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The Om of Home

You are not apart from anything

You are a part of everything

Becoming a plateau levelling

With the planes

Reaching the gateways

Where matter meets spirit

Feeling the extraordinary thinness

The substance of Being

Tasting the ambrosia,

Smelling the sweetness of this divine nectar

Its subtle fluidity plays with your fingers

The pure light of innocence streams through

The doorway left ajar by the primal streak

Pregnant with your own self

You scream a visceral inner roar

Let it dissolve into nothing space,

Settle in the sheer vulnerability

Of this naked Eden

Fall in love with the crevices, the crests and the troughs

Sense the closed doors

That conceal the gold of Truth

Rest in the glow of dark embers

Test the opacity of light

Close your eyes

Kiss the shower of fireflies

Bask in the unstoppable

Spring of Life

This is Love in the making of the Self

This poem was inspired by some deeply beautiful biodynamic craniosacral sessions I received and gave at a recent postgraduate seminar exploring Archetypal patterns in craniosacral work and that liminal field where everything is possible including glimpsing into the Maker's manual.

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