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What is it about today?

It has a certain pétillance, a special potency

I saw the Moon halfway there last night

It was cool and windy

But today’s air feels like a caress

My skin, my hair, my breath

Find it so easy to surrender

To wave hello

And ease to its weightless gravity

Neither warm nor cold

But so buoyant with promises

Charged with fluid that is not raining yet

The innocence of a newborn

No need to tense, resist

Or protect

When sudden chill edges your curves

Here hey droplets one two three

Time for a chat?

I open my hand and stretch my arm

The roof window is open

Sky and birds flying above me

Shy vaporous Autumn sun rays bathe

In the layered hues

Mighty skin

Our biggest organ

Can you listen

Can you let the mysterious aliveness of this air

Echo its melodies through the porous veil

As you soften and open to fresh glow and lazy breeze



Sweet spots revealed

Heart’s wings gently opening

And closing

Neighbouring breath harmoniously

The moist silky gauzes around the spine

Vibrate a shrill and a shiver

I hold you in for just a moment

I feel your freedom


Thank you for holding me

For en-lightening me

For letting me sense and communicate

My inner spaciousness

With you


Mellow air

So filled with love

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