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Sweet surrender

I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than letting go and witnessing surrender.

When the body succumbs to the power of the dance or as the Breath of Life takes over in a craniosacral session, the mind has no choice but to expand, allow, enable, and dissolve.

This progressive unreeling of the soul is like a distillation of emotions in motion, ecstasy in the making.

It is so pure, so precious, so elemental…so delicious: the pure gem of free-falling reverie and its concomitant holding, supporting and trusting.

As the hands touch the air that breathes through them and gently, lightly hold its loving presence just like a bird flying high while being carried by the currents, such sublime intimacy.

Hearts open, midlines breathe, spines loosen, limbs express, digress, shoulders balance, hips swing, fall and rise, knees direct, bend, buzz, feet point, tap, clap, bang, twist, hands fold, meander, wave, clasp, fingers widen, heads feel, shake, nod, trace, chins spiral, eyes soften, jaws melt, necks circle and unwind…

Giving in to whatever arises, listening to the possibilities, manifesting, feeling the continuity, the supremely pleasurable interconnection of it all, forever remembering you’re in love, that you are the expression of pure love in flow.

Encouraging the sweet slow sensuous sensual unrolling of the mystery of being, the mystery of healing.

Surrender loves support.

Witnessing this liberating disengagement of the rational mind give way to the emergence of the sensuous realm, fluid motions and divine energetics.

When you deeply listen in and enter the kingdom of your spine it does indeed move like a snake, waving serpentine-like shapes, each vertebrae twisting and adjusting.

When you go even deeper you feel the air slowly blowing through every joint, every cell, what craniosacral therapists call primary respiration, the rhythms of the tide.

Can you feel the currents running through you, dissolving tensions while you surrender to a greater force beyond your understanding?

There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing life revealing its shameless unscathed freedom, its exquisite wildness through movement

Pain, fury, joy, sorrow, love, kindness

Water, the fluid self

Air, primary respiration

Fire, mitochondria fusion and transmutation

Earth, grounding, stillness

The pure joy of the art of non-doing, when the movements arise from so deep within they are inevitable, ineluctable and irresistible.

When dance, the medicine of movement meets craniosacral therapy through the unfolding rhythms of the fluid self

Surrender to the dance, surrender to being, surrender to the natural flow of things that come and go, of currents that rise and fall, of cycles that begin and end...and begin again

Yukti Verse-54 (Yoga Sutra)

“You who have been seeking, whatever path you are on,

A moment will come when

Divine pulsation grabs you

And carries you into its dance.

In the midst of ecstatic motion,

Your body dissolves into light, leaving only

The softly glowing benediction of the bones.

You become the face of fury, yet serene within.

Eyes fly open in amazement,

Seeing the unseen vastness.

Or you become a tongue tasting upward

Into the nectar of eternity

The soul reveals itself to itself

Through movement,

Energy-infused undulations and gestures

Of hand, foot, spine, face, and form.

The invisible loves the visible”

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