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Breaking the Sleeping Beauty spell

How do you feed your soul’s aliveness? Do you remember to kiss with your loving heart your Sleeping Beauty awake every now and then?

I was inspired by the enthusiasm of a right hip joint in a recent craniosacral session. Such rejoicing in the rise of potency, the renewed ease of fluidity and reconnection with the whole I had to smile.

It was like witnessing fire crackles turning to a soft glow expanding to enliven the whole. It spread from the hip to the sacrum and went up the spine opening out into the heart and thorax areas.

“I am here,” said Life. “do not forget me, do not take me for granted. I am enormous, ravenous, wild. Please don’t be scared of me, do not bury me before my time. Listen in and feel my power, my beauty, my fury, my infinite love and compassion. Make peace with me and set me free!”

David Whyte writes, “We are collectively exhausted because of our inability to hold competing parts of ourselves together in a more integrated way.” (Three Marriages)

I have felt dormant selves, sleeping beauties lying down and I have held the space where these fragmented areas engage, express their longing to be seen, touched and awoken from their slumber.

I so love this transformation, this ignition of life as I support and connect, just sitting there, just being, just present with what is at each moment.

Sometimes my clients are aware of the details, perceive where the wave begins, rises, and expands.

Sometimes they have a vaguer sense of an overhaul and when they sit up again at the end of the session, they sigh with relief at the re-presentation of their embodied selves, their whole. “I am all together again, thank you”.

It feels like they have fallen in love.

What a joy to greet and welcome the present alive self!

In day-to-day living, what feeds my soul is a wrapping of silence, an inner peace settles in safe in the belief that nothing, nobody will interfere. I am alone with myself, stroked by the quiet vibrating air, cradled and held by the fluid self.

I journey within to my primal midline: an energetic life force starting at the bottom of the spine, the coccyx, and going up and through the ethmoid, just above the nose, in the area also called the third eye, “where it seems to disappear in space like a fountain spray of life.” says Franklyn Sills.

“This midline is maintained as the primary cellular and structural organising axis of the human body throughout life and every cell is aligned to its function. (…) this is a constant process of creation and that is one of the great gifts of life. For in that continual creation there is the continual potential for health, order, and change.” (See Franklyn Sills in for more)

We are a manifestation of the miracle of life itself, its abundance, its fluidity, its intelligence, its ever-creative ability to transform and renew.

To en-joy life’s bountiful presence takes discipline, David Whyte even talks of internal vows: “In the silences that accompany a strong internal relationship with the self we see not only the truth of our present circumstances and a way forward but we also realise how short our stay is on this earth. Life waits for us in this internal marriage, but death waits for us also. (…)

“This willingness to look at the transitory nature of existence [is] not pessimism but absolute realism: life is to be taken at the tilt, you do not have forever, and therefore why wait? Why wait … to become a faithful and intimate companion to that initially formidable stranger you called your self?” (Three Marriages)

So make a vow with life, with your precious aliveness, sail on the self's unchartered waters, walk through the dense forest to discover and kiss your ‘Sleeping Beauty’ goodbye.


It is a small step to remember

how life led to this

moment's hesitation.

How the door to the deeper world

opens, letting the body fall at last,

toward the few griefs it can call its own.

Oh yes, I know. Our wings catch fire

in that downward flight

and we come to earth afraid

we can never fly again.

But then we always knew

heaven would be a desperate place.

Everything you desired coming

in one fearful moment

to greet you.

Your full presence only in rest

and the love that asks nothing.

The rest where you lie down

and are no longer found at all.

David Whyte, Fire in the Earth

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