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The sky is in my feet

The sky is in my feet

What else is there but space and more space in between


What’s possible?

What’s new?

What changes?

What cannot be tampered with?

I’m hitting a wall

Visiting fortresses does something to the soul

I’m not sure what exactly

Squared in behind massive walls

From the safeguarded vantage point of its highest tower

Sa tour de garde

The Infinite unfolds

The Sun sets away, so far away

Why do we confine what can blossom?

Why the need to defend and protect? To feel safe.

Safe against what?

As far as I can see, breathe, connect with

All that you and I can be and do is so much more than we know

So much more than we can fathom

Entangled in petty needs and defensiveness that atrophy the soul

Fortress soul?

A groundless fallacy

The one that has led us astray on countless occasions

This ageless belief that our soul is trapped in our bodies

Think about it

How convenient

Why expand the realm of the possible?

Why bother ploughing the furrows of the limitless?

If we deem our bodies as enemies that need domesticating

Our bodies are havens, containers, vessels

Not cathedrals of separation and control

As this new year is beginning

My greatest wish is one of openness, inclusivity and embodiment

The more at ease we feel within this intrinsically wild and beautiful demesne

The more our soul can sing

The more gracefully embodied, the more at one with our surroundings

The more in love

With Mother Earth and Father Sky

Let this simple beatitude beckon a new world

Where we are delivered of walls and fortresses of the mind

As the futile buttresses of separation they truly are

Let us take loving possession and peacefully sit

In our bodies


Being with

Reflecting the expansiveness of the universe around us

Another exquisite holding


With reverence to all that is

Feel into this boundless peace

Breathe it in

The world doesn't need happy

It craves the stillness at the heart of all things

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