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The speed of light

In the past few nights, if you were blessed with clear skies and not too bright a Moon, you may have spotted the Perseids meteor showers.

'Shower' is also a term I use in my craniosacral practice to explain what I perceive when a specific type of dissolving takes place.

So it got me wondering about the storyline of a meteor shower.

“Many people think a meteor occurs because the particle is "burning up." But actually friction flash-heats air molecules along the particle's path to thousands of degrees. The air molecules cool down in just a split second, giving off light as they do so.” (

So it is the actual return to ‘normal’ of air molecules after pea-size particles flashing through the air at high speed have heated them up that creates a shooting star.

The kind you witness and wish upon.

When these particles are a stream of debris left by comets on their trail, the meteor becomes a shower.

Under dark clear skies you can see as many as 200 meteors in an hour apparently.

The Perseids showers this year are caused by debris of the comet Swift Tuttle which last journeyed past the Earth 133 years ago.

The showers I have experienced in my practice are caused by the dissolution or disintegration of a dense, trauma-charged area where potency has coalesced or congealed.

My hands have made light contact, the grounded and present whole of me is witnessing and listening and ‘boom’ it happens, the dam slowly opens and an exquisite steady flow of gold dust pours out, as the tissues relax and the tension dissolves.

Then the potency that was ‘trapped’ in this inertia expresses again, and feels renewed as it reconnects to the whole, and waves of reconfiguring unfurl.

Just like witnessing meteor showers in the starry sky, it is simply magnificent.

Is it only because of this perceptive resemblance that I relate these two experiences?

The core of comets is icy and the Sun dissolves bits of them into debris as they travel near the mighty star. Their friction with air as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere at hight speed creates heat (up to 10 000 degrees Celcius!) then a very quick cooling which triggers these sparkles in our night skies.

This temperature shift from icy to hot and cool again is also very common in craniosacral biodynamics as the 'shock' of a trauma or a compressed area ‘melts’ away, potency surges anew and reorganising takes over.

I like to day dream and link these experiences as I recall spending whole August nights witnessing these scintillating delights.

I was literally star-struck with glee and dropped jaws and brought into such presence as I witnessed them.

Nothing else mattered, only the present moment and the wish, yes the wish or the prayer for a change, for a gift, for something, someone, somewhere that would enhance our lives and that of loved ones, for our planet…

I have shared with clients this wonderful sense of ‘wow’ and the powerful unrolling of peaceful transformations that follows a potency ignition.

We live in such a wondrous, miraculously sublime universe.

It's also interesting that in the Celtic tradition, this is the time of Lughnasa, the harvest festival. Lugh is the God of the Sun, light and harvests.

The parallels could happily continue as I like to think of the universe as a body too, and maybe so did the women and men of these ancient times.

'As above so below', they say.

I hear it is not too late to observe the Perseids showers because the “Earth goes into the comet’s path for a few weeks.”(

Drew Dillinger has this wonderful poem bringing bodily connections to our universe.

The Sun

the Sun incandescent sphere permanent explosion its core pouring itself out for us source to a hamlet of planets asteroids and comets human trajectory unfolds in this orbit between wandering stars and the invincible Sun

imagine when the heart of the Sun goes supernova instantly swallowing the distance between us the wet earth a single tear will finally merge with your fiery body

I’ve felt your heart beat since the universe was plasma

ancient always new perpetual dawning horizon of light and arcing shadow string of days and nights primeval rhythm

the sky and the earth are lovers who’ve been forced apart earth yearns for the sky clouds long to kiss ocean

mountains rise up with desire

Himalaya, Appalachia, Sierra, Shasta, Fuji, Kenya, Denali

the cosmos: a journey the universe: longing

each human: a body of water

sunlight enters a drop of water and disperses into colors, sunlight enters planet earth and species blossom

sacred secret

granite, sequoia, redwood, oak salamander, condor, beetle

radiant Sun earth your disciple apostle with strange powers to manifest the mystery

the changing moon: a triple goddess silver bow of Artemis becomes full moon becomes the goddess of the dark moon wandering among souls of the dead announced by howling dogs she dwells on tombs and lonely places where two roads


every prophet must make peace with death

a sacred secret

imagine when your heart goes supernova blazing matter extending across 93 million miles, the wet earth a singe tear

will finally merge with your fiery body

golden light in cobalt sky illumination of spaciousness blue like Krishna’s blue body blue like the cosmos

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