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Health Love

Have you ever fallen in love with your Health? And by Health I mean the greater sense of alive Beingness flowing through you 24/7. I also mean the sacred Breath of Life pervading all, including human beings, on this marvellous planet. I also mean the wonderful sexual energy, the ‘shakti' that circulates through you and animates the universe.

I have been working in a wooden cabin for the last few months and as luck would have it the wind element has been particularly vocal and forcefully present during these biodynamic craniosacral sessions.

I have come to deeply appreciate the expression sitting “in the eye of the storm” while holding the field, anchored in deep stillness, listening to the tides express and digress in my clients’ body-mind.

I was attuned to my own internal rhythms and deeply tuning in to my clients’ while storm Ciara whirled, whizzed and tumbled last weekend.

Isn’t the wind a breath of life? The hissing and blowing like so many tidal currents in our atmosphere.

In the profound stillness of the sacred therapeutic space, as fierce winds wrapped themselves around this bubble of calm, I felt the Health of this particular client fall in love.

As she gradually surrendered to its expression, its unravelling, the slow curling and uncurling of life force that is Health met with constriction, merged with it, expanded, opened, embraced and cohered with each part so intimately, so harmoniously, with such fluid sensuality. Health turned into Love. Health made Love.

I could not help being the messenger of this beautiful transmutation and said out loud as we reached a gorgeous still point: "Your Health loves you”.

She simply smiled and tidal rhythms, deep slow full body inhalations and exhalations resumed to support the dynamic emergence of her wholeness.

At one point as if echoing the hurricane howling outside, I witnessed an internal energetic whirl slowly ascending up her midline. The respiration of the Breath of Life unfolding as it loved her. A Kundalini rising.

There was such a beautiful kind of ‘patina’ imbibing her whole body at the end of the session. A sense of infinite Beingness and of continuity.

I wonder if this awakened unconditional Love is also our wild feral expression, our anima. Is Nature talking to us in weather patterns and freak happenings to ignite this wildness back to life? A rekindling of our connection with the source of Life itself.

As these internal snake-like dynamics reflect the powerful swirling of the wind, the gravitational pull anchors us to Earth.

'I' hold the ‘we’ of enmeshed selves as the embodied tides speak their forms.

The Tide’s original nature remains the same but it expresses quite differently from person to person. I have noticed how its fulness comes to life when there is resourceful surrender, when this unconditional Love can freely hone itself within Being, assisted by the graceful push and pull of biotensegrity within tissues and fluids -- self making love to self.

A resonance of the metabolic fields. A colleague spoke of “sense fields”. Yes sensuous fields of resonance that call and respond, speaking the energetic language of pro-creation.

Like the fertilised egg attaches to the uterine wall that attracts it, welcomes it, en-Loves it, allowing the reel of Life to reveal its story-telling.

A blissful energetic dance of meeting and melting, forever re-combining to become whole, the sacred union of all that is alive; swelling, pausing, and receding.

We are this wild sensuousness, all of us, in constant re-creational movement.

It takes courage to be fully alive. In Spanish being courageous is 'valiente', which also means having a sense of 'valor', or worth, a sense of one's value, a sense of one's giftedness. And courage comes from 'coeur' or heart in French.

It takes a powerful rekindling of that often compromised sense of self-worth to truly, trustfully greet Life, and Love and let them shape and transform us.

In my experience biodynamic craniosacral therapy holds all the possibilities of us, 'we', answering the call to Life, and even the resistance to this almighty Health due to the conditional forces of every day living can gradually succumb to the attraction, the temptation, the seduction of this wind-like swirl of pure Love.

Health Love.

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