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This poem came to me on a recent forest walk, following the imposition of isolation and social distancing measures on most of the inhabitants of this fragile planet.

Our home, whose delicate balance we have seriously, tragically, disrupted in our thirst for total control.

May this time of de facto further separation from one another bring us closer to dreaming a more whole and harmonious relating with all that lives and breathes.

May it open our eyes, our heart and mind to what really, truly matters.

For now though we can still touch trees, flowers, the grass under our feet and re-ignite our feeling space, rejoining and rejoicing in the field of our abundant perceptive world.

And we can dream

I have to thank and acknowledge biodynamic craniosacral therapy for opening up this rich territory of the subtle felt sense to me


While a red-throated robin sang

I held my forehead on you, tree

I listened and sensed

a numinous presence

a dream unfurling like smoke

moving fluidly like protoplasm

echoing in my heart and lungs

in many places at the same time

like in a quantum experiment

I was in the tree

and the tree was in me

I listened and saw

with my eyes closed

suddenly, clearly

the rest of the forest

a community of trees

arising strongly

from your tubular core

to lean into my forehead

and fill me in

A generous pervasion

of your dream of others

your filamentous universe

now wandering about my tissue jungle

inviting me to pass on

the possibility of holding within

the dream of others

into one

the gift of others

into us

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