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It is easy to feel abundant, just see abundantly

While travelling in Thailand I feed my soul with hungry eyes that find abundance and marvel at all the new and exotic encounters they make. I am like the playful child I've always been and feel so alive when I explore something new. This feast for the eyes is never ending. This abundance outside is mirrored within.

A few days ago I stopped to meditate near a temple in the middle of nature near Pai, in north east Thailand, and behind the curtains of my closed eyes I saw waterfalls, trees, flowers, bamboo bridges and rice paddies...filing past. I was listening to birds and the many insect sounds and smelling all the wonderful scents there too.

I felt so vibrant, so blissful and so peaceful, so still. I was in long tide as we call it in cranio speak or in that space/time continuum where everything feels woven together, when the air itself is palpable. A powerful wave of gratitude like a blessing rose from deep within me and unfolded to my surrounds on the other side of the closed curtains. It was so resourcing, so beautiful.

It is an attitude of openness, excitement, of welcoming and surrendering to what is that prevails when I travel. Why?

Is it because I have more time on my hands? Is it because I feel much safer and more at ease?

Of course I could still be tense and feel anxious, worry and feel insecure in a foreign and totally unknown land, yet I do not.

I have felt so embodied and so safe here. Growing up I have always felt safer, more embodied and more alive outdoors and in movement. Here even when I am indoors at night nature is all around me in sounds and smells. Houses are thinly walled and life is teeming everywhere. I do not feel separate and feel so much more whole as a result.

How do I keep this happening wherever I am? By learning to nourish my soul with abundance and generosity, by taking time out for regular sensory feasts, by mirroring within and resourcing.

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