How are you? How do you enjoy your aliveness? How is Life treating you?

The more I practise biodynamic craniosacral therapy, the more I dance, the more I connect with nature and fellow living creatures, the more I am in awe, the more I learn and freely express my joy, my emotions...the more alive, embodied and connected I feel. I wish to live my life in the most resourceful ways so I am learning to step in and listen to what my body is telling me, what lifts my spirit and makes my heart sing, by modulating outside influences and social must-dos to the tunes of my own experience,  intuition and by trusting my inner maps. Below are my blog posts inspired by  biodynamic craniosacral therapy,  and how this wholistic medicine has deeply coloured my life and informed the way

I partake in the universal web of the living.

Would you like to join me on this journey? You can contact me to book a treatment and let this wonderful therapy gently change you.

I studied biodynamic craniosacral therapy in Dublin, Ireland, with Body Intelligence ( I graduated in 2014 and was an assistant in the following course. 

I am now a member of the Body Intelligence teaching team.


As I have dived deeper in this infinitely abundant world, observing, listening, perceiving and facilitating life's Intelligence to ease, transform and transmute, I can safely say this is the love of my life. 

It has profoundly influenced the way I relate to other human beings and to sentient life on planet Earth, our home, our second womb. Therefore in this continuing apprenticeship I am gratefully learning to apprehend life as I hold its rhythms and dances in the therapeutic setting: with the utmost care and respect,  from a place of resourced presence and awe.  As I breathe and

embody my cranio sacral life, I tune in to yours.   

So what is biodynamic craniosacral therapy? How could it help you to transform your life for the better?

First of all, this gentle hands on modality is based on the art of deep listening as well as understanding the living dynamics of our amazing bodies. As I initially talk to you, and when I first meet you, I greet and listen to you as a human being with a history, many stories to tell. These stories could speak about a simple ache for which you need support, or a chronic pain, an illness. They could talk about the emotional pain of loss, the troubles of a separation and how it is affecting your nervous system and your physiology. They could complain of a stressful life and its impacts on your sleep, your digestion, your immune system, your mood. They could tell your history of trauma as it relates to your birth, your life's events and possibly your ancestral past.

This first contact allows you to gauge how you feel, to orient to this new space. It is within this relational field that I help you to safely and non-judgementally tune in to your own resources, i.e. what supports  you in life, what helps you to cope, what makes you feel safe and content.

When you are ready, I invite you to settle comfortably, fully dressed bar your shoes, supine on a massage  plinth. Your head will be supported by a pillow and I will offer you a blanket to ensure you are warm enough.  I will invite you to bring your awareness within your body while letting go of your thoughts, anchoring in the presence of your breath while I gently make hand contact and begin listening, witnessing what your body is telling me.  As I continue to  deeply attune, your body's Intelligence comes up with a treatment plan and I spaciously facilitate its unfolding and revealing as it is finding

ways for health to be restored,

for revitalisation and balancing to occur.

More often than not, it takes a few sessions for conclusive shifts and resolutions to take place. As you continue with treatments, the emotional and physiological changes you experience in your body will ripple out in your life, and also affect how you relate to your closed ones, to your community

and the world at large.  

It is a therapy that keeps on giving because it is profoundly respectful of what needs to be expressed and resolved in its own time. It is not trying to quickly and arbitrarily fix something. The Intelligence at play knows best the answers

to what, how, why and when and operates within the whole of you,

bringing about coherence.

You may also wish to experience online internal guided awareness journeys to begin with. They are a great way to befriend your inner kingdom, and settle in deep stillness and grounded embodiment. 

I am a fully insured, registered member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA).

Please contact  me at 

or ring/text me at +353 (0) 87 2888625

for more information and to book a session

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